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FFDMFull Field Digital Mammography
FFDMFat-Free Dry Mass (body compostion analysis)
FFDMFédération Française de la Distribution des Métaux (French: French Federation of Metals Distribution)
FFDMFuel Flow Differential Module (engines)
FFDMFreedom from Distant Metastasis (cancer survival)
FFDMFailed Fuel Dismantling Machine
FFDMFront Flip Dismount
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(1) Although DBT images result in a slightly greater radiation dose per exposure compared to FFDM, DBT-biopsy requires overall a lower number of exposures compared to P-VAB, resulting in overall decreased radiation exposure to the breast.
Most FFDM use an automatic imaging mode that automatically selects targets/additional filters based on breast thickness to optimize exposure [31].
O componente teor de umidade do combustivel morto e fino do FFDM e obtido com base na temperatura e umidade relativa do ar a 1,5 metros de altura e descreve uma tipica liteira de eucalipto durante o periodo seco.
The FFDM unit itself gives an estimate of percent breast density for each mammogram, which is also available from the mammogram DICOM header as "Raddose" and "precompo." Values for Raddose are almost the same as for precompo.
(2) Early clinical results show that, in comparison with FFDM, DBT has higher conspicuity (Fig.
Upon image acquisition all FFDM studies are automatically sent to the BIDW where image display is available in seconds and prior studies can be accessed for comparison, all ensuring optimal operational efficiency is maintained for radiologists.
The initial results were disappointing as many studies have shown that there is no difference in cancer detection rate observed between SFM and FFDM [2-5].
The combination of FFDM and tomosynthesis resulted in highly significant improvements in the radiologists' performance, as shown by receiver-operator curve analyses, said Dr.
A receiver-operator analysis showed that for all 12 readers, the combined modality of tomosynthesis and FFDM was superior to FFDM alone when using the forced BIRADS score and the probability of malignancy scale.
(5) However, beginning January 1, 2002 (April 1, 2002, for hospitals), BIPA included new HCPCS add-on codes for FFDM and CAD interpretation.
The objective of this study was to determine the physico-chemical attributes, intramuscular fat (IMF), moisture content, fat free dry matter (FFDM) and fatty acid profiles of mutton cuts from different retailer type in South Africa.