FFDTFddi Full Duplex Technology
FFDTFDDI Full Duplex Technology (Digital Equipment Corp.)
FFDTFat-Free Dried Tissue
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The administration of the FFDT was similar to the inter-rater reliability study except that in the normative study the FFDT was administered and scored by one rater, whereas in the inter-rater reliability study there were two raters in order to measure inter-rater reliability.
The time required to complete each of the NHPT trials with both the right and left hands and bilateral FFDT were recorded in seconds.
The FFDT instruments were constructed for males (see Figure 1) and females (see Figure 2).
The meanseconds and standard deviation (SD) of the three trials of the FFDT were analyzed for gender and 10-year age categories: 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, and 50-60 (see Table 3).
The scores for the NHPT were compared to the FFDT scores by gender, with the Pearson Product r correlation showing a correlation for the 90 males' scores of r = .727 (NHPT Dominant [D] to FFDT) with a p of .000 and r = .706 (NHPT Non-dominant [D+ND] to FFDT) with a p of .000.
The FFDT is a quick and simple test, taking less than 5 min to administer in a clinic for the three trials.