FFEDFrozen Foreign Exchange Deposits (finance)
FFEDFlex Fuel-Éthanol Développement (French: Flex Fuel Ethanol Development)
FFEDFédération Française d'Eclaircissement Dentaire (French: French Dental Whitening Federation)
FFEDFoundation for Engaged Druidism (spiritual project)
FFEDForum de la Femme pour l'Egalité et le Développement (French)
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An Inpex executive Nico Muhyjidin said if the PoD is approved, Inpex will soon prepare front end engineering design (FFED), engineering, procurement and construction (EPC).
The nominal rate corresponds to the effective federal funds rate (FFED), averaged within each quarter, also in percent.
Because the public tends to extrapolate from specific if atypical abuses to characterize science as a whole, "it is necessary," points out Harvard surgery professor Francis Moore, "for us to understand how science is perceived." (117) In other words, in a situation where the public has been stirred up by fetal research horror stories --however distorted--of scientists who have decapitated 'babies' for research purposes, it is not enough for the scientists to respond indignantly that their research efforts must not be handcu ffed by political restrictions.
The Haver mnemonics for these variables were, respectively, IPN, PCU, PZALL, FFED, FARAT, and FARAN.
AsmuchasLondonIrish huffedand ffed, there was no way through a ean Blues defence that has condedjust threetries infiveEuropean atches this term.
PLUS add 10 cherry tomatoes (30cals) RIES: 498 Low fat fruit cals) ffed pepper h salad of 50g 6) and 1/2 bag leaf salad (15) ptions Hot 40cals), 1 kiwi )m omelette, medium eggs ce deli 5), 1 TUESDAY (FEAST DAY) BREAKFAST Takeaway porridge pot with berries, and skinny cappuccino on the way to work.
Jonathan Richards, a student from Blackwood and chairman of Plaid Cymru's student organisation Ffed said: 'The federal college is the only way we will see a long lasting increase in the provision of Welsh medium education in Higher Education.'