FFEMFonds Français pour l'Environnement Mondial (French: French Fund for the Environment)
FFEMFédération Française de l'Enseignement Musical (French: French Federation of Music Education)
FFEMFédération Française d'Economie Montagnarde (French: French Mountain Economy Federation)
FFEMFreeze-Fracture Electron Microscopy
FFEMFuzzy Finite Element Method
FFEMFighting Force of Extraordinary Magnitude (gaming)
FFEMFestival de Films Ethnographiques de Montreal (French: Ethnographic Film Festival of Montreal; Canada)
FFEMFoundation for Emerging Markets (Fullerton, CA)
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FGEF interventions and by a process of capitalization of the FFEM experiments.
For the past year we have been trying to build up some baseline data, which is not yet complete, and after further research we intend to approach the FFEM and the Small Grant Program so that we can further protect the area from charcoal production, animal grazing and illegal quarrying.
It is important to co-operate with the protected nature reserves, so that Jabal Moussa can be part of the group, that it can be assisted by the state and other multi-lateral organizations because at the moment the FFEM works with the ministry for environment for the seven protected areas.
This project is about improving management of wetlands, water birds and their habitats, said Francois Xavier Duporge, General Secretary of FFEM.
FAO, FFEM and other partners will promote sustainable management of migratory water birds through bird census, surveying, and monitoring techniques, as well as capacity building activities.
The provision is designed to support the AFD and FFEM in the scoping study to (i) clarify the objectives and outlines of the programme (country targets, type of investment projects), and (ii) help to the structuring of the programme (identification of partners, governance and characteristics of the different tools mobilised for the financing of the TA and achievements), for presentation of the project in mid-2016 to the FFEM for approval Committee.
3 specify the conditions of a commitment by the FFEM.
It must be ready in early June 2015 for a presentation for final decision of commitment during the July 2015 FFEM Steering Committee.
Make it a main objective independent and reasoned opinion on the funding provided by the FFEM and should be conducted so as to give a reasoned opinion in accordance with the criteria recommended by the Development Assistance Committee(DAC) of the OECD.
of acquisitionsBenefits relate on the one hand, training and monitoring of projects and, on the other hand, analysis and technical and economic advice in relation to the preservation of the ozone layer, including links with climate change, under the Multilateral Fund of the Montreal Protocol, these missions are carried out by the Secretariat on behalf of FFEM Finance Ministry / DGTresor.