FFFGFuture First Financial Group
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Caption: Using a 50-grain charge of FFFg powder and an 86-grain .385 round ball with .015 patch, the author gets good--not spectacular --accuracy, with most 50-yard, rested groups running in the 4 1/2-inch range.
PROJECTILE (TYPE) (GRS.) (FPS) (FPS) .44 Caliber Hornady .454 Lead Round Ball Goex FFFg 25.0 808 103 15-YD.
I thought that FFFg might give enough added blast to cause the bullets to jump up and fill the grooves and thus give better accuracy.
American Pioneer introduces American Pioneer Powder (available in FFG and FFFG) and American Pioneer Powder Sticks Compressed Charges.
With my MKII go the black powder route with both Pyrodex P and FFFg and CTG Goex black powder with all loads measured by volume, not by weight.
With 30 grains of Goex FFFg over a Thompson Wad, muzzle velocity is 750 fps with a 5-shot group at 20 yards of W.
In his early test firing, Brennan figured the pistol would be more than up to handling a proof load of 85 grains of FFFg black powder and a 430-grain, 670 patched round ball.
The blackpowder load I use is 42 grains of FFFg blackpowder and a 190-grain cast bullet, which produces 958 fps in my gun.
The buck we'd come for faced me, quartering slightly, offering a 200-yard target similar to those I'd pierced at the practice range with 225-grain PowerBelt bullets resting on American Pioneer FFFg powder.
Flintlock shooters will need a finer grain powder, FFFg (three-f), to use as well.
To load the rounds, I carefully pushed a .22 starter blank into each hole, tapping it lightly with a nylon hammer for seating, and filled the empty space with 12 grains of Hodgdon Pyrodex FFFG. Each was topped with a 108-gr.
For instance, the same weight of Swiss FFFg and Swiss 1 1/2 Fg definitely vary by volume.