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Having said that, we still feel it was reasonable not to modify and adjust FFFL test for administering to Belarusian students for several reasons.
students with FFFL instruction did better than those who didn't have any special personal finance training, better than Belarusian university students and slightly worse than the Japanese university students.
NCEE developed measures of learning to find out whether the students of teachers who were trained in the use of the FFFL materials, and who used the materials in their instruction, performed better or worse than students who did not receive FFFL instruction from trained teachers.
Tables 1-3 show that students at all three grade levels who were taught by trained teachers using the FFFL instructional materials achieved at higher cognitive levels than students in the control groups that did not use the FFFL activities; the differences are statistically significant in the expected direction.
Although no claim can be made that the group tested is exactly representative of the student population enrolled in schools throughout the nation, it is probably indicative of the results that would be obtained if a teacher trained in the use of FFFL provided financial instruction to students and compared those results to students who have not received FFFL instruction.
The one class period of FFFL in the SML-intensive curriculum taught the economic way of thinking and earning income.
The additional three class periods of instruction that the SML group received relative to the FFFL group consisted of studying stock price fluctuations with several real-world current examples, updated portfolios as students actively traded stock in class, strategies for maximizing portfolio value, and in-class exercises from SIFMA and LEI that reinforced the above concepts.
This sharpens our focus on the comparison of the FFFL and SML treatment effects.
Column (iii) of Table 2 indicates which curriculum input, of the three curricula FFFL, SML, and HOB, taught the material related to the question.
The financial quiz questions are drawn from the FFFL curriculum materials.
In 2013, fourth graders in the Amarillo Independent School District were taught the same basic FFFL curriculum used in the Eau Claire field study, with the lessons spread out over six in-class sessions rather than five, but still about the same amount of instructional time.
In addition to more than a dozen lessons at each grade-level cluster, the FFFL curriculum also provides multi-media presentations available on CD-ROM and a parents' guide for use with the curriculum.