FFFOFeed-Forward Friction Observer
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Champions League 8-PAGE EURO SPECIAL FRASER IS SET FOR A BUFF TIME PAGES 2&3 PAGES 2& OH GIGI Buffon insists Celtic will make it tough for Juventus AS GOOD AS CLASS OF SEVILLE PAGES 4&5 PRAYING FOR THE JERSEYBuffon insists Celts still pose a threat PRESSPRESSPRESSPRESSPRESSPRESSUREUREUREUREUWON'TWON'TWON'TWON'TWON T WON T WON T BEBEBEBEBEBE BE ON LEON LEON LEO NNYNNYNNY THE JERSEY THE JERS fffo Buffo Buffo Buffo Buffo Buffo insninsninsninsnins n ins n in ists ists ists ists ists ists ist Celtslts Celts Celts Celts Celts Celt stilstilstil st lpos l pos l p e a threat fBffff B i its i Clts Ce till atheat PRESSURE WON'T BE ON LENNY PAGES 6&7 PAGES 6&7 Do Juve believe in miracles?
Several factors should help FFFO growth in 1999 and 2000, which we do not believe are incorporated into consensus.
Fffos Las 5.50 Flag Flier, 7.00 Lord Henry, 7.30 Boogie Dancer.