FFFSFlexible Fund for Family Services (New York)
FFFSFederation of Finnish Financial Services
FFFSFirst Federal Financial Services, Inc.
FFFSForm Fit Functional Specification
FFFSFine Feathered Friends Sanctuary (Edgerton, WI)
FFFSFalse Fault-Free Set
FFFSFeetham Family Function Survey
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Similarly, measures of BIS/BAS24 directly developed from Gray's model2 do not seem to interpret the revised bio psychological theory now, which is called as RST.4 But findings of the present study demonstrated three behavioral systems (BAS, BIS, and FFFS) and provides some evidence.
In the present study, behavioral inhibition and FFF systems demonstrated negative direct effects whereas BAS demonstrated positive direct effect on mental toughness.
Formerly, in 2002, FFFs was employed for developing a rapid and nondestructive method able to measure furosine and lactulose content in heat-treated milk [51].
[52] assessed the use of FFFs to evaluate the effects of mild heat treatments on milk by means of the emission and excitation spectra of the fluorescent compounds naturally occurring in milk.
Assim, por exemplo, seria interessante investigar uma possivel interacao entre os sistemas BAS e FFFS na explicacao de comportamentos de agressao hostil em individuos com altos escores em psicopatia.
An example of an item is: "The amount of time you spend with your spouse/partner." Each item has seven response options; where 1 represents "little" and 7 represent "much." There are also two open ended questions "What is most difficult for you now?" and "What is most helpful to you now?" Scoring for the FFFS is as follows: First the discrepancy score is determined for each item.
In Gray's revised model, fearlessness would be primarily associated with the relatively weak activation of the FFFS in situations where threat--, danger--, or punishment--related cues are present.
The FFFS (Feetham & Humenick, 1982; Roberts & Feetham, 1982), a 25-item scale, measures three major areas of family function: the relationships between the family and broader social units, including family and community, and family and economy; the relationships between the family and subsystems, including the division of labor; and relationships between the family and each individual.
Post hoc paired analysis showed that FFFs were significantly lower when the field was scanned T-B than when scanned L-R, t(19) = 10.0, p < .001; B-T, r(19) = 9.91, p < 0.001; or R-L, t(19) = 8.12, p < .001.
Gray (1987; Gray & McNaughton, 2000) has also proposed the fight-flight-freezing system (FFFS) that mediates responses to unconditioned aversive stimuli (e.g., pain), innate fear stimuli (e.g., snakes, spiders, the dark), unconditioned frustrative nonreward, and conditioned aversive stimuli.
exotica stays roughly the same, density and contours of individual ommatidia are kept constant, and both interommatidial and visual angles persist unchanged throughout an individual's life; hence the resolving power of the eye should also remain rather stable, even if the FFF were to rise as the animal grows and becomes faster.