FFIDFuture Force Integration Directorate
FFIDForming & Fabricating Industry Directory
FFIDFederal Facility Identifier/Identification
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To support this theory further, Figures 10 and 11 display example measurements of the FFID during a time period of 900[degrees]CA.
While potential buyers can register their FFID on Faraday's website and can reserve cars with a refundable $5,000 deposit, the company didn't release a final price point for the FF 91.
The he newly established Financial Fraud Investigations Division (FFID) probing 38 complaints of alleged financial frauds which allegedly took place during the former government are planning to have MP Basil Rajapaksa currently living overseas brought back and questioned on alleged frauds during his tenure as Economic Development Minister.
La Facultad de Educacion de la Universidad Catolica de Temuco, a traves del Proyecto FFID 2000, integro el uso del portafolio de papel en los procesos de practica pedagogica, en su mision de formar educadores comprometidos con practicas reflexivas y transformadoras.
FFID is responsible for the synchronized delivery, preparation, and evaluation of all Future Combat System (FCS) products, including complementary systems; the development of doctrine, organization, training, and leadership products pertaining to Army Program Manager FCS (Brigade Combat Team) materiel developments; and the command and control of the Army Evaluation Task Force (AETF).
FFID identifies MWTs and clusters them according to the degree of similarity of the contexts in which they appear.
Tender notice number : 1000326471-AMC for Fire Engine at Mumbai FFID:2019_BPCL_417423_1
The selected design was fabricated, and an effective method has been employed to empirically evaluate the mixing quality and the effect of some mixer arrangements and flow parameters on mixing, using a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and fast flame ionization detector (FFID).
Si bien se puede afirmar que desde el Proyecto FFID (2) en adelante se comienza a hablar de competencias en la formacion inicial docente, el discurso de las competencias se introduce de modo decisivo y explicito en el quehacer curricular de las instituciones de formacion docente a traves de los proyectos de renovacion curricular financiados por el Programa de mejoramiento de la Calidad de la Educacion Superior (MECESUP).
Tender notice number : 2018_AAI_CAT_RETAIL OUTLET FFID:2018_AAI_16607_1
En Chile, se observan cambios similares que fueron animados, inicialmente, por el Proyecto de Fortalecimiento de la Formacion Inicial Docente (FFID) del Ministerio de Educacion (1997-2002).
The HC mole fraction was measured using an FFID unit, with a response time t10-90 of 1 ms, and a sampling position 8 cm from the exhaust valve.