FFIEFédération Française des Entreprises de Génie Électrique et Énergétique (French: French Federation of Enterprises in Electrical Engineering and Energy)
FFIEFoundation for Food Irradiation Education (activist group)
FFIEFluid Flash Interfaces Engine (software; Macromedia, Inc.)
FFIEFree Form Improvisation Ensemble (est. 1962)
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wherein x is the unknown function, the right-hand side G expresses the background Green's function for the considered sampling point (that is the field radiated on [R.bar] [member of] [GAMMA] by an elementary source located in [[r.bar].sup.p], when the targets are not present) and F synthetically denotes the "far-field" operator defined through the left hand side of the FFIE [12].
Due to the compactness of F, the problem cast through the FFIE is ill-posed and has to be solved in regularized fashion.
The physical interpretation given in [14] suggests that the inverse problem cast through the FFIE (1) can be regarded as an attempt to focus in a neighborhood of the sampling point at hand the volumetric current induced by the interaction between a suitable probing wave and the target [14,16].
Hence, the solution of the FFIE provides a direct information on the array excitations required to enforce on [GAMMA] the scattered field [E.sup.LSM.sub.s].
According to the LSM formulation, the scattered field arising from the FFIE for a sampling point [[r.bar].sup.p] belonging to the target matches in the [L.sup.2] norm the field G([R.bar], [[r.bar].sup.p]) radiated by an elementary source embedded in the reference scenario and located in the target point [[r.bar].sup.p].
Formerly VP of systems analysis for United Technologies Corp., he also managed and contributed to EW and radar systems design and operations analysis at Sanders, AlL, GE, Mitre and the Office of ffie Secretary of Defense.
For ffie first time, it allows tax exemptions for renovation work in Lower Manhattan below 23rd Street and, until June 30, 1994, for certain areas further north.
Interviewed in their home in Bridgend, Lisa Jones recounts ffies some of the difficult times they've faced during his time as leader.
HAW-FLYPM uses a combination of methods to suppress fruit fly populations: bagging or burying rotting fruit, which are ideal breeding locations for fruit flies; spraying a protein-based insecticide that is less toxic than ordinary sprays; and using chemical attractants to lure ffies into retrievable traps.
In Apollonius, the Minyae are instructed by Phineus to find out whether they can pass through the Clashing Rocks safely by releasing a dove to fly through them (2.328-9); obedient to this instruction, they release the dove, which ffies through the rocks losing only her tail feathers (2.561-73).
For ffies 0 wk (24-48 hr) old, there was no difference between selection regimes.