FFLAFundación Futuro Latinoamericano (Spanish: Latin American Future Foundation)
FFLAFlorida Foreign Language Association
FFLAForest Fire Lookout Association
FFLAFamily Friendly Leave Act
FFLAFederal Farm Loan Act of 1916
FFLAFriendship Force of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, California, USA)
FFLAFantasy Football League of America
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FFLA's coach-community mentor and fellow Taclobanon Robelyn Villas, as well as Fundlife International Founder and Programme Director Marco Kasic, led the delegation.
On the other hand, the FFLA is a community-based holistic educational program that uses football as an engagement tool for interpersonal development.
The GSEs remain in conservatorship and the combination of QM and QRM rules and exemptions, lax FHFA standards, relaxation of FHA mortgage insurance premia, and continuing government funding of the GSEs, along with the operations of the FFLA and the Veterans Administration's housing finance program, continue to ensure the government's control of housing finance and heavy subsidization of housing finance risk.
Feminists for Life of America ("FFLA"), Women Exploited by Abortion of Greater Kansas City ("WEBA"), the National Association of Pro-Life Nurses, Let Me Live, and the Elliot Institute for Social Services Research file this brief under United States Supreme Court Rule 36, with the consent of the parties, as amici curiae in support of Appellant.
Un mismo curso de agua puede atravesar diferentes jurisdicciones territoriales y politicas, diferentes pisos altitudinales y ser usado con diferentes propositos por diferentes actores localizados en sitios espacialmente diferentes (FFLA, 2007).
She accurately and precisely states FFLA's beliefs and premises, compares these to a spectrum of pro-choice writings and notes areas of convergence and disagreement.
McClain even suggests that some FFLA members may lean toward a pro-choice position and that FFLA might be more credible and effective with a soft pro-choice position until abortion can be effectively eliminated.
FFLA also distributed the material to every member of Congress and much of the press, and they were not the only organization to do so.
Reproductive Health Services, also filed by FFLA, will be published in the next issue of Studies in Prolife Feminism.--Ed.
Feminists for Life of America ("FFLA") is an organization of pro-life feminists with national headquarters in Kansas City, Missouri, and state chapters throughout the nation.
Furthermore, FFLA has marshalled compelling evidence that the leading feminists of the 19th century condemned abortion in the strongest terms, for reasons which remain relevant today.