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The picture was taken by his wife, Rita, while they were on holiday celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary ;FLORIDA: Mum Ros Wilde took the picture of husbad ffly, left, and children James and Claire on holiday in florida while visitig Bey's Epcot Centre.;HONG KONG: Pauline Beall, of Stockton, at the Buddha in Hong Kong on a wet day last month, celebrating her 50th birthday.
The men progressed down the hall leaping and dancing, and continued this mode of dancing even after unmasking, whereupon they danced `for an hour, performing "lepys Ganbawbys & turnyngys" above the ground "which made that theyr spangyls of goold & othyr of theyr Garnyisshys ffly ffrom theym Ryght habundantly"'.(40)