FFMISFlorida Fire Management Information System
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have suggested a fat free mass index (FFMI) above 25.0 is indicative of anabolic steroid usage.
The fat free mass index (FFMI) was calculated from these skinfold measurements.
Participants were instructed to answer the survey honestly and were instructed on how to list their subject ID number on their survey, in order to both maintain the confidentiality of their answers and to allow for matching of the survey and FFMI results.
These numbers were entered into the FFMI equation [FFMI = fat free mass (kg) * [height.sup.-2] (meters)(see Appendix)].
Calculating Body Fat and Determination of FFMI Data Sheet
FFMI = fat-free mass * height-2 = (to get height -2 take 1/height(m), then square this number) FFMI = ( )* ( ) = --