FFMSFEMA (US Federal Emergency Managament Association) Frequency Management System
FFMSFelix V. Festa Middle School (New York)
FFMSFederal Financial Management System
FFMSFirst Flight Middle School (Devil Hills, NC)
FFMSFive Forks Middle School (Lawrenceville, GA)
FFMSFlex Force Maintenance Solutions (Australia)
FFMSField Force Management System
FFMSFlip Flops and Mop-Sauce (cook-off; Deer Park, TX)
FFMSFauji Foundation Model School (Pakistan)
FFMSFixed-Fenceline Sample Collection and Monitoring System
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Obamacare provided states with the option of building their own SBM or utilizing the FFM. Funding was made available to states in the form of grants for the planning and establishment of SBMs.
Body mass indexes (BMIs), basal metabolism rates (BMRs), body fat masses (BFMs), fat-free masses (FFMs), and total body waters (TBWs) of the patients were measured.
The position control of this robot can be achieved by controlling individual FFM length in joint space, as shown in Figure 2.
The authors focus on the 34 FFMs, and they investigate whether the top three insurers in the pre-ACA individual health insurance market in each of these states--a total of 102 insurers--participate in the marketplace.
According to the Commonwealth Fund, to date, 19 states with FFMs have enacted their own as-sister policies (see table, page 10).
The five-factor model (FFM) is unquestionably the best-known model of human personality (Funder, 2001).
The FFMS decided to use the Actimize Market Surveillance solution in its efforts to enforce a new Russian Federal Law that is anticipated to go into effect in January 2011.
Polyshot's Factory Floor Management Systems (FFMS) is a custom ERP system that is expected to deliver major manufacturing efficiencies and cost improvements.
Moscow, Nov 1 (ONA) The Capital Market Authority (CMA), signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Russian Federal Financial Markets Services (FFMS) here today.
undertook the FFMs [fact-finding missions] as part of a new programme of
Okesson is a senior financial analyst, FFMS, at Mead Johnson Nutritionals.