FFPAMFederation of Family Planning Associations, Malaysia (Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia)
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projects--Inform, Innovate and Initiate--the FFPAM was able to develop
In addition to the i3 projects on ASRH, the FFPAM also tested two
University of Malaya (Health Research Development Unit) and FFPAM to
involved representatives of both NPFDB and FFPAM in learning and
involvement of NGOs like the FFPAM and the Obstetrical and
FFPAM is complementing and supplementing the Government's
including the inputs of the FFPAM, which highlighted the need for, and
The FFPAM, registered in 1958 and with member-associations from all
challenges of the 1990s, the FFPAM governing body approved the
Since the ICPD, the FFPAM has implemented more focussed activities
very useful learning experiences for FFPAM to define the multi-sectoral
in the area of adolescent reproductive health FFPAM facilitated a