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FFPEFormalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded (tissue)
FFPEFédération des Femmes pour l'Europe (French: Federation of Women for Europe)
FFPEFestival de Films de Portneuf sur l'Environnement (French: Portneuf Film Festival on Environment; Portneuf, Quebec, Canada)
FFPEFédération de la Fonction Publique Européenne (French: European Civil Service Federation; staff trade union; various organizations)
FFPEFormaldehyde Fixed-Paraffin Embedded (tissue)
FFPEFédération Française du Pilotage d'Entreprises (French: French Federation of Business Control)
FFPEFractional Fokker-Planck Equation
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It is not surprising that high levels of artifactual C:G>T:A SNVs are found at CpG dinucleotide sites in FFPE DNA, strongly indicative of deamination of 5-mC bases (41).
provides innovative NGS and genomic sample prep products for a broad range of sample types including RNA and DNA from whole tissues, FFPE samples, single cells and liquid biopsies.
5X4011 - Delivery and assembly Laser Dissection Microscope for the processing and isolation of FFPE tissue samples by means of a laser under microscope observation, including a capture mechanism for the preparations.
Gallegos et al (37) compared the success rate of PCR amplification using genomic DNA extracted from paired FFPE and snap-frozen lung-cancer specimens.
On the basis of the DNA concentration, 125 ng FFPE DNA was dispensed and reduced to a final volume of2 [micro]L by vacuum centrifugation.
Pierre-Philippe Bacri, FFPE president representing Commission staff, fears the Commission's move is populist and largely guided by member states' demands.
The FFPE tissue sections (10 im thick) were microdissected to enrich for tumor cells.
Under an approved internal review board protocol for this study, we retrieved FFPE samples of 39 invasive breast carcinomas from the University of Mississippi Medical Center repository.
The company will transition the test for FFPE offered through its CLIA-certified laboratory from a laboratory-developed test to an in vitro diagnostic.
The study showed that genomic microarray test can be used to distinguish HCC from non- neoplastic cirrhotic nodules, as well as to identify prognostic factors associated with HCC progression using pathologically characterised FFPE samples.