FFPIFédération Française des Pétroliers Indépendants (French: French Federation of Independent Petroleum)
FFPIFive Factor Personality Inventory
FFPIFree and Fair Post Initiative (Europe)
FFPIFast Flash Programming Interface
FFPIFamily and Friends of People Incarcerated
FFPIFlash Flood Potential Index
FFPIFiber Optic Fabry-Perot Interferometric
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When Table 2 is examined, it is observed that the dimension of extraversion of TIPS is positively and significantly related with both ABPT extraversion dimension (r = 59, p < 01) and FFPI extraversion dimension (r = 58, p < 01).
Table 4 shows product moment correlations between the OPERAS, BFI and FFPI scales.
Speaking just after the vote, Valeria Fagone, secretary-general of the Free and Fair Post Initiative (FFPI), appreciated the "unconditional" date for liberalisation.
The Free and Fair Post Initiative (FFPI), which represents major postal users and competitors to current postal operators, accused, on 18 December, established postal operators of increasing prices by offering only first class mail.
The Free and Fair Post Initiative (FFPI) talked of the "great job" done by the Commission.
National regulators need to be more zealous in applying the 2002 postal services directive, the pro-liberalisation Free and Fair Post Initiative (FFPI) says.
FFPI President Philippe Bodson said "we cannot see why a Danish or German consumer has to pay more than twice a Spanish one for the same basic service.