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FFQFood Frequency Questionnaire
FFQFondation de la Faune du Québec (Canada)
FFQFinancially Focused Quality (management)
FFQForward Four Quarters (finance)
FFQFluid Fair Queueing
FFQFrame-Based Fair Queueing
FFQFédération Française de Quad (French: French Quad Federation)
FFQFountain Faerie Quest (gaming)
FFQFiliis Filiabusque (Latin: To His/Her Sons and Daughters, epigraphy)
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Women's groups opposed the Rochon report's marginalization of "public awareness" and advocacy-oriented organizations and activities (FFQ et al., 1988).
Table 5 is a FFQ developed to provide a simplified approach to determining intake of vitamin A through diet.
A limiting factor is that children's feeding was assessed through food records and FFQ, which, even though the filling forms were clarified, they may have led to an underestimation and/or overestimation of the quantities, types of foods that were consumed and offered to the children, as well as memory bias by mothers and/or guardians.
In particular, dietary assessment based on FFQ has been associated with an underestimate of intake and it could result in substantial measurement error for OCM nutrients.
Third, since dietary intake was assessed using FFQ, measurement errors were unavoidable which can cause underestimation of associations.
The FFQ has many advantages, such as practicability and wide use in epidemiological studies that associate dietary habits with the development of noncommunicable chronic diseases.
Using results from both the 24-h recall and the FFQ, a Healthy Eating Index (HEI) score was calculated for each participant.
Because of these specific limitations, food frequency questionnaire (FFQ) is being used extensively.8-10
To our knowledge, the present study, based on a valid and detailed FFQ, is the first case-control study to examine the relationship between nutrient pattern and PCOS risk.
Information about food consumption was collected using a quantitative FFQ developed and validated for use with people with high blood pressure by the study research team (19).
The Diet Quality Index Score (DQIS) for infants and toddlers was used to assess diet quality in infants and toddlers based on the infant FFQ, as published previously (15).