FFRRGFederal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide
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But the FFRRG has sadly recommended no change, presumably because the government doesn't want to get involved, and to give racing a right to arbitration would only increase the number of times the government would have to intervene.
FURTHERMORE, the FFRRG has recommended retaining the chairman's casting vote that ensures racing's representatives can be outvoted, has given an extra seat to the Bookmakers' Committee, has failed to recommend that bookmakers must supply their turnover figures, that revenue should be hypothecated, that the levy should be paid on overseas racing and that the Levy Board's powers to question bookmakers' declarations should be strengthened.
The FFRRG seems happy to package a few cosmetic tinkerings that fail to alter the basic flaws of the levy system in an exercise designed to convince the racing industry that it is on the verge of a new dawn - when in fact it is standing on the edge of an abyss.