FFRSFédération Française de la Retraite Sportive (French: French Sports Retreat Federation)
FFRSFédération Française de Roller Skating (French: French Roller Skating Federation)
FFRSFarm Family Restart Scheme (Australia)
FFRSFuel Feed Rate Sensor
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The vegetation of Yarrara and Mallanbool FFRs consists predominantly of Semi-arid Parilla Woodland with the dominant tree being Belah Casuarina pauper.
Semi-arid woodlands dominated by Belah (as is the case in Yarrara and Mallanbool FFRs) were generally found to be in good condition, and on average in better condition than semiarid woodlands dominated by other species in other reserves.
The White-browed Treecreeper is reliant on the type of vegetation represented in Yarrara and Mallanbool FFRs (Hurley and Cheers 2012).
Prior research, using thermal imaging, showed that leakage at a single or multiple sites occurred during exhalation in majority of the study subjects wearing N95 FFRs during fit testing [36].
A human subject study comparing FFRs with and without nasal bars would be required to definitively answer this question.
The route of respiration (oral versus nasal) when wearing an FFR impacts [R.sub.filter], and efforts to promote nasal breathing with the use of FFRs should be considered.
As part of the FFRS, professional financial advice in one or more of the areas pertaining to financial planning, business management, career options, legal matters, and personal and family matters, was compulsory for farmers on income support, or for those unable to sell their properties within three months.
Equally, those farmers unable to take a more personalized approach to risk are constituted, through the FFRS, as unviable and counselled to reassess their future in farming.
Terms related only to transient responses (ie, FFR) were not considered.
This may come as a surprise considering that FFR data to sound stimuli were generated by Daly et al.
For example, Roley and Sellon (1996) present a model of the term structure's response to target rate changes and conclude that changes in the FFR target affect both short-term and long-term interest rates and that target rate changes have become more predictable since 1987.
Section III examines the change in market rates from immediately before to immediately after FFR target changes.