FFSHFédération Française des Sociétés d'Homéopathie (French: French Federation of Homeopathy Corporations)
FFSHFoundation for Seacoast Health (est. 1984; Portsmouth, NH)
FFSHFlorida Foundation for School Health
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To pull off the FFSH set, Powers and original bassist Shane Wheeler recruited drummer Anthony Gamborcini, brother of original beat keeper Mark Gamborcini, who died a few years ago.
Heather Nejaimey, Powers' fiancee, was host of the local music television program "HateLove" and is putting together clips from the FFSH heyday, including performance footage from peers such as Eastcide and 7 Hills Psychos to play between sets at the show Saturday
FFSH = proportion of fee-for-service with withhold provision or target rates with settlement at the end of the year or adjustment during the next year