FFSOFédération Française des Stylistes de l'Ongle (French: French Federation of Nail Stylists)
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The effect of FFSO treatment on NO secretion by Raw 264.7 cells was measured in a color reaction using Griess reagent and cell supernatant.
Cox-2 and iNOS expressions were pretested with various concentrations of FFSO in Raw 264.7 cells (4 x 105 cells) for 30 minutes, after which LPS was treated at a concentration of 1 microg/mL for 24 hours.
Raw 264.7 cells were seeded in a 6-well plate (4 x [10.sup.5] cells/well), after which each FFSO sample was treated for 30 minutes.
The therapeutic effects of FFSO were estimated based on external and histological morphologic changes in dermatitis severity.
On the other hand, in mice treated with FFSO, remarkable reduction of histological skin lesions was observed (Figure 1(b)).
On the other hand, mice treated with FFSO showed a remarkable increase in fibrogenesis (Figure 1(b)).
Raw 264.7 cells were treated with FFSO at various concentrations.
Degranulation of PMA plus A23187-induced RBL-2H3 cells decreased in a FFSO concentration-dependent manner.
Treatment with FFSO significantly suppressed elevation of these levels.
To estimate the anti-inflammatory effects of FFSO, we measured expression levels of TNF-[alpha], NF-kB p65, iNOS, and COX-2.
MMCOs are associated with worse provider access than FFSO from either evaluation perspective.
Table 1: Sample Allocation for Enrollment and Program Effect Models, SSI/Medicaid Beneficiaries 18-64, MEPS 1996-2004 (Person-Years) Program Model Enrollment Model FFSO MMCO VMCO Total FFSO 1,114 0 0 1,114 (51%) MMCO 0 323 0 323 (15%) VMCO 0 0 222 222 (10%) VFFS 0 100 420 520 (24%) Total 1,114 (51%) 423 (19%) 622 (29%) 2,179 (100%) FFSO, fee-for-service only; MMCO, mandatory managed care organization; VFFS, voluntary fee-for-service; VMCO, voluntary MCO.