FFSPFédération Française des Sports Populaires (French: French Federation of Popular Sports)
FFSPFleet and Family Support Program (US Navy)
FFSPFree-Form-Surface Prism
FFSPFamily First Sports Park (Erie, PA)
FFSPFlorida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
FFSPFarm Forestry Support Project (Pakistan)
FFSPForeign Financial Services Provider (Australian Securities & Investments Commission)
FFSPFull Function Signal Processor
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Besides this Introduction and the conclusion, the paper is structured as follows: section 2 presents the work context, describing HIS domain and HIS-RA; section 3 defines HIS-RA Ontology; section 4 presents FFSP. In section 5, FFSP is applied and validated on a case study considering given customer requirements for a concrete product in HIS domain; finally section 6 discusses works related to this research topics.
FFSP concerns the product specification stage of the SPL Derivation phase, in the Application Engineering lifecycle [4], [5].
In this work the RA instantiation to derive architectural configurations for a concrete product from established rules will be considered in FFSP. Notice that for a <<vp>> corresponding to a NFR, for example <<b9>> Security Modules, there are three variants which are solutions for the security quality sub-characteristics confidentiality, authenticity, integrity respectively (see figure 2) they are required by components b1 Patient, b2 HER Man.
Column 3, for Consistency Rules, which are presented now in Table 1 to abridge this presentation, but they are actually to be derived in Section IV by FFSP, from relations among ontology elements.
HIS-RA Ontology, is the main input to FFSP; interaction with AE is involved.
V.1 Applying FFSP step by step to derive FS for HIS concrete products according to customer requirements
The complete FFSP process will be now applied and validated on a case study considering explicit customer requirements (CR) for a concrete HIS product, described in Section V.2.
FFSP is being automatized by a support tool now under construction.
CR that have been used in FFSP to configure a concrete HIS product, are outlined in the next section.
However, we were not able to compare the number of FS obtained by FFSP with results from other works, since similar approaches were not found; nevertheless, FFSP can be validated with different customer requirements using the present HIS-RA.
The approach presented for FFSP guarantees complete satisfaction of quality requirements in FS architectural configurations for the concrete product.