FFSSFull Frequency Stereo Sound
FFSSFédération Française de Sauvetage et de Secourisme (French: French Federation of Rescue and First Aid)
FFSSFox Five Surprise Squad (show)
FFSSFull Frequency Stereophonic Sound
FFSSFleming File Sharing System (file sharing protocol)
FFSSFisk Fatigue Severity Score
FFSSFederico Fellini Sud Story (Italian: Federico Fellini South Story; fictional screenplay)
FFSSFerrovie Dello Stato - Italian Railway
FFSSFibrin-Fibronectin Sealing System
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CAE concluded its fiscal year 2015, which ended on March 31, 2015, with a total of 41 FFSs sold.
The CAE-built Boeing B737-800W and the Gulfstream 650 FFSs will be CAE 7000 XR Series equipped with the latest CAE Tropos 6000 XR visual system.
Since FFSs are tailored to effectively disseminate information and technology to certain regions and farmer groups and often focus on specific crops, the impacts must be analyzed case-by-case [21].
CAE has sold two CAE 5000 Series A320 FFSs with third-generation CAE Tropos-6000 visual systems and an APT for installation at the joint venture of InterGlobe Enterprises and CAE.
Included in the contracts is an ATR72-500 to Air Algerie in Algeria; a Boeing 737NG to Emirates-CAE Flight Training (ECFT) in Dubai, UAE; two Airbus A320 FFSs for the new Interglobe-CAE joint venture airline training centre in Delhi, India; an Embraer ERJ-190 to Zhuhai Flight Training Centre (ZFTC) in Zhuhai, China; plus two FFSs to undisclosed customers.
This paper uses the terms "sprinkler system", "active fire protection" and "fixed fire suppression system" to mean Water-based Fixed Fire Suppression System (FFSS).
(2010) found that practices under capitation used significantly fewer services than FFSs or salaried practices.
Among the various oilseeds available on the market, FFSS contains more ether extract (EE) and is available at a relatively low price.
LFT now operates 32 FFSs for 20 different aircraft types in Frankfurt, Berlin, Bremen and Vienna.
At that time, the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) established a tri-service dismounted-soldier program initially called the "Future Fighting Soldier System" (FFSS).
Vince Martinez, assigned to VMX-22 at Marine Corps Air Station New River, N.C., summarizes the fidelity of a V-22 Full-Flight Simulator and the benefits of training in a state-of-the-art environment: "While it is very hard to make any simulator absolutely realistic, with the high fidelity FFSs that we currently have, it is possible to generate tactical scenarios with networked devices that provide very realistic training.
The classic Fellow of the Flat Slipper Society (FFSS) favours winceyette pyjamas, whose stripes have been drained of their strength by numerous trips through the mangle.