FFTFFight for the Future
FFTFFast Flux Test Facility
FFTFFreedom from Treatment Failure (lymphoma treatment study)
FFTFFeel Free to Forward (social media)
FFTFFrench for the Future (Canada; bilingualism organization)
FFTFFuture Framework Task Force
FFTFFlorida Forever Trust Fund (environmental preservation)
FFTFFreeze-Fracture Thaw-Fix
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FFTF ROADSHOW DATES Mar 5: William Aston Hall, Wrexham Glyndwr University, LL11 2AW.
The NSW compulsory council consolidation program, conducted under the FFTF local government reform program, is based inter alia on the premise that the larger local government entities created through forced mergers will exhibit superior performance, due in part to scale economies.
For instance, in his Parliamentary address outlining FFTF, Minister for Local Government Paul Toole (Hansard, 2014b, p.
That is one area of focus for FFTF. But just as retailers could look for inspiration in their industry, they should also share it.
To meet with this requirement Staffordshire LOC and the FftF accreditation panel have launched an optometry patient satisfaction survey.
Jerry Kozak, CEO and president of NMPF, said he and the senior staff spent part of the summer of 2011 touring the country and speaking directly to farmers about dairy policy reform, the FFTF program and why it was developed by NMPF.
Other questions regarded how effective the FFTF program will be if participation is not mandatory.
Three proposals made the competitive range: SEC Closure Alliance, EPW and FFTF Restoration.
FFTF Restoration challenged SEC Closure's contingency allowance.
I've worked with well over a dozen agencies during my 15 years with FFTF. Sometimes, I worked in teams as large as 15 members.
This window's FFTF roadshow will focus on the steps farmers should be taking to prepare their businesses for the political and economic upheavals that are likely following Brexit.
Tenders are invited for The fire fighting facility (fftf) should be designed for training naval personnel in fighting ship oard fires in a realistic environment.