FFTSFury from the Sky (gaming)
FFTSFeto-Fetal Transfusion Syndrome (pregnancy)
FFTSFédération Française de Théatre Sportif (French: French Federation of Sport Theatre)
FFTSFast Fourier Transform Spectrometer
FFTSFringe and Flexure Tracking System
FFTSFire Fighting Training Systems (US Army)
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Also, performing FFT's on wide bandwidth signals requires significant processing power, so updates of the FFT spectrum are generally slower than what is available from a dedicated signal or spectrum analyzer."
These external requirements are essential for FFTs to accomplish their mission, but they are coordinated and funded by the supported units.
All summations containing complex exponentials, such as (35), (38), (43) and the right hand side in (40), are computed by means of FFTs; hence, the computational effort involved in these steps is negligible.
Moreover, we also show how the real-time 2D FFTs can be used for tomographic reconstructions.
The clFFT library has only limited support for mixed radix FFTs and achieves good performance for power of 2 FFTs only.
Frequency analysis of standard btb-cardiac activity (with HRV or btbBP) in response to the stand challenge is further compromised by the nature and definition of Fourier transforms or fast Fourier transforms (FFT), including short-term FFT (st-FFT) [12].
(FFT) articles in ALTEX (http://www.altex.ch/ Food-for-Thought.104.html).
Reference [20] evaluates two fast Fourier transform (FFT) convolution implementations, one based on Nvidia cuFFT [21] and the other based on Facebook's FFT implementation.
First, we compute the right-hand side vector and apply a forward Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT).
Considering more specifically the nonlinear steady-state friction-induced motions, the FFTs exhibit other superharmonics nf.
The very same idea is used in [26] for a polynomial conversion matrix being a Hadamard product of an approximately low-rank Hankel matrix and a Toeplitz matrix, which of course allows for fast multiplication by means of FFTs. Moreover note that [1] suggests a fast algorithm for the multiplication with C when the nodes [Z.sub.j] are close to the unit circle.