FFUSFoundation for Focused Ultrasound Research
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One of the previous studies successfully applied CFD to find the optimal air speed from FFUs that, after implemented, was able to reduce the level of particulate contamination on HDD parts fabricated by a welding automation machine (WAM) in an HDD factory [25].
Figure 1(a) shows the actual AAM and Figure 1(b) a solid model of the AAM without FFUs above it.
In this type of cleanroom, the return air shaft (RAS) occupies space in the cleanroom and increases the power input of fan-filter units (FFU) due to a long flow path to/from the FFU.
# S/Each Includes exhaust filter housing, 6600-84 1,807.00 ductwork, and FFU adapter collar, and adjustable fresh air damper.
Specifications Construction: Frame and Grid: Powder-coated steel: 2.5" square tube uprights and frame Panels and strip Anti-static PVC, 40 mil (panels), 60 shields: mil (strips) Fan Filter Units: 2' x 4' HEPA, 3 speeds (see page 18) Lighting: 2' x 4', 4-tube fluorescent fixture, 3409 candlepower, 120 W, 120-277VAC Power Supply Unit: Switched supply to six-receptacle unit for connection of up to 3 FFUs and lights, plus one non-switched 120V outlet, cord and 3-prong plug.
304 stainless steel housings are available for most FFUs listed these pages.
This versatile control system includes a EnergySaver Module that controls power to all FFUs in a single Powder Distribution Module (see above), allowing you to ramp fan speed up and down to attain the precise air flow and velocity levels for your application.
A Terra application engineer will help select the HVAC module(s) appropriate to your cleanroom, based on room size, number of FFUs, and heat load.
Order the Vertical Laminar Flow Station, Filter/Fan Units (FFUs), and other optional accessories separately from the charts below.
Most cleanroom facility engineers agree that Class 1 and Class 10 applications require near-100% ceiling coverage of filter/fan units (FFUs), producing a laminar flow of clean air traveling downward at a velocity of about 90 feet/minute (measured 6" below the filter face).