FFVEFédération Française des Véhicules d'Époque (French: French Federation of Vintage Vehicles)
FFVEFrame-by-Frame Video Editor (ultrasound)
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Tenders are invited for turnkey job oft implementation ot Solar energy based Dual Pump Piped Water Supply schemes includes complete turnkey solution"or water supply Comprehension maintenance contract(CMC) for FFVE years,rhe Solar energy based Dual Pump Pipe Mater Supply Schemes should consist arrangement of installation of Solar photo voltaic submersible pump, in addition tche hand pump in the same bore well/Tub*veil with the help of parts like special wateihamber and independent riser /delivery, 7(nm OD stainless steel cylinder of hand pump, etc
Specifically designed for 130 filtering and low reactive power needs, the FFVE is designed as an alternative to electrolytic technology and is suitable for applications such as fuel cell converters, UPS, motor drives, and industrial power supplies.
Editor's Note: FFVE units meet Level 2 requirements of the fire behavior standard.