FFVPFresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (US Department of Agriculture)
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The assumptions are the same as the problem of (FFVP).
If [[xi].sup.*] is a Pareto efficient solution for ([MFVP.sub.[alpha]]), for each a e [0,1], then 2* is a solution for (FFVP).
Suppose that [[xi].sup.*] is not a solution of (FFVP); then, there exists [mathematical expression not reproducible].
If [[xi].sup.*] is a local optimal solution of ([WSP.sub.[alpha]]), for each [alpha] [member of] [0,1], then [[xi].sup.*] is a solution of (FFVP).
From Lemma 33, [[xi].sup.*] is a solution for (FFVP).
If function [L.bar] + [bar.L] as in ([WSP.sub.[alpha]]) is convex in [a, b] x [R.sup.5], then each solution of the fractional Euler-Lagrange equations (84) minimizes (FFVP), when restricted to the boundary conditions of [mathematical expression not reproducible].
From Lemma 34, [??] (t) is also a solution of (FFVP).
We consider the following (FFVP) to find the minimum of
Instead, FFVP costs only $50-$75 per child per year and reduced the obesity rate by three percent.
"Our results suggest that FFVP is a cost-effective obesity prevention tool," said a food policy expert associated with the study in news reports.
The goal of the FFVP is to improve overall diet and create healthier eating habits that impact the health of students going forward and for the rest of their lives.
The FFVP program is available nationwide and targets elementary schools with the highest free and reduced price enrollment.