FFXVFinal Fantasy XV (gaming)
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Those who already have a PS4 can get a copy of the FFXV game in several bundles: the Day One Edition, which includes a copy of the game plus bonus content, or the Deluxe Edition, which is essentially Day One Edition plus a steelbook case and the 'Kingsglaive' movie.
Fortunately, with FFXV, a noob can jump in without being handicapped for his or her lack of backstory knowledge.
As a primer to the fantastical, high-tech FFXV universe, 'Kingsglaive' moves at a dizzying pace.
We would have liked Lunafreya to display a little more spunk like in the early FFXV trailers, because to people who aren't familiar with the whole FFXV mythos, her single-minded devotion to her mission (that is, save King Regis and/or her beloved Noctis, then save the world) makes her seem a little robotic.
As a prequel, the film does a decent job in setting up the story, but it's a tad too much to digest over two hours, even for well-read FFXV followers.
The official Final Fantasy Twitter account asked the 26-year-old Filipino beauty queen if she could come to an event of Final Fantasy XV (FFXV), the latest installment to the popular game series, where the release date is expected to be announced.
If you want to come to our FFXV event in March, let us know!