FFZFree Fire Zone
FFZFar-Field Zone (antennas)
FFZFirst Fruits of Zion (Messianic Jewish ministry)
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"FFZ is witnessing growing demand on the part of investors wishing to establish different types of projects, especially in the oil and logistics sectors, prioritising areas of petrochemicals to utilise the zone's close proximity to Fujairah Oil Industry Zone," Sharief Habib Al Awadhi, director general, FFZA, was quoted by Wam, the Emirates official news agency.
Languages with mayili are of the Kariera type, like Kariyarra, and have the typical Kariera equations like FF = MMB and MM = FFZ. Languages with kami = FF, etc., are of the Aluridja or Western Desert type in which there are equations of the type FF = MF, MM = FM, not found in Kariera systems.
Three points were selected along the X-axis, in the HSZ, LSZ, and FFZ. The strain variations as a function of the load at the three points are plotted in Fig.
According to one source, regulators may impose a price cap for unregulated capacity payments in Siberia FFZ, because it significantly exceeds the price cap (by 66%) for the second pricing zone of RUB120,000/MW.
That the majority of FFZs have been declared noncompetitive comes as no surprise to us, given that the possibility has reportedly been announced by regulatory bodies' representatives.
According to Nash (1971:55-65) each moiety has a reservoir of 'real' names with men named after their MMB (equivalently in an ideal moiety system their FF) and women after their MM (equivalently their FFZ).
A capacity auction will take place in each free-flow zone (FFZ).
He confers the latter set of names, which belonged to his father, to his children.[8] The system is identical for women, except a female Ego receives her names from a FFZ, which are later given to her BSD.
8/2004 limits the issuance of licenses for banking activities in the FFZs to branches of companies, joint companies, and wholly owned subsidiaries provided that they "enjoy a strong financial position and systems and controls, and are managed by persons with expertise and knowledge of such activity." The law prohibits companies licensed in the FFZ from dealing in UAE currency (i.e., dirham), or taking "deposits from the state's markets." Further, the law stipulates that the licensing standards of companies "shall not be less than those applicable in the state." The law empowers the Emirates Stocks and Commodities Authority to approve the listing of any company listed on any UAE stock market in the financial free zone, as well as the licensing of any UAE stock broker.
8, regarding the Financial Free Zones (FFZs) (Law No.