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FFmpegFast Forward MPEG (Motion Picture Experts Group)
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The second layer of the RAS is also the application layer, this time using the SDAccel tool which again leverages HLS to implement its application with support for machine learning frameworks such as Caffe, integration with SQL environments and support for MPEG processing using FFmpeg. Of course, the same OpenCV libraries and frameworks as used within the reVISION stack can also be used at this level if required.
In this paper, we introduce a VTS with Apache Hadoop [9] (including MapReduce framework and HDFS platform, etc.), media processing library FFMPEG, and web server Apache Tomcat [10], in order to verify how it could speed up video transcoding for big video files.
Additionally, we rely on commercial off-the-shelf software for speech audio analysis (step 2; FaceFX--OC3 Entertainment), 3-D modeling and rendering (steps 6 and 7; Autodesk Maya) and H.264 video encoding (step 8; FFmpeg).
FFMPEG library is applied in our experiment to extract audio stream from the video.
Following video acquisition, the video is encoded using the FFmpeg software [25] and more specifically the x264 [26] libraries, which implement the H.264/AVC standard.
We then looked into open source and free software and decided that the system should be built using FFmpeg as the A/V encoder; Red5 as the media streaming server; JW FLV media player as the embedded video player; and Ubuntu Linux, which is a LAMP-ready operating system.
Then video frames are decoded using libavcodec library from FFmpeg project [ffmpeg].
We compressed the videos into MPEG2 format by using VcDemo [22] with a motion searching range of 15, GOP structure of IBBPBBPBBPBB, and bit rates of 2 Mb/s and 5 Mb/s as in [19].We also compressed the videos into H.264 format by using FFMPEG [23] with a motion searching range of 15 and bit rates of 2 Mb/s and 5 Mb/s as in [19].
We also built a 64-bit FFMPEG and verified the performance on Android 5.0.
nablet will also be showing the FFmpeg integration of Intel[R] Media SDK on its IBC booth Hall7 stand G05 as well on Intel booth Hall 4 stand B72.