FG1Frame Ground #1
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One participant explained this when stating that, "the feedback that I got from my supervisors on how to change" and "getting that feedback from the clients was what helped me learn more" (FG1).
The first (FG1) said: 'I will treat the patient--even if it's not on the chart; even if it's with a little glucose.
On the basis of gelling capacity, viscosity, gel strength, and spreadability results, formulations Ft1, Ft4, Fg1, and Fg4 showed optimum results within the desired range.
(41) Oliver Geden, Clemence Marselis ve Andreas Maurer, Perspectives for the European Union's External Energy Policy: Discourse, ideas and interests in Germany, the UK, Poland and France, Working Paper FG1, Berlin, SWP, 17 Aralik 2006.
"Tu te das cuenta que estos procesos intuitivos tienen un fundamento, hay alguien que ha escrito de esto y evidencia que esto viene a reafirmar aquello que uno puede estar haciendo mejor o peor, pero intuitivamente, y creo que la clave esta en esta reflexion profesional" (FG1 427-433).
Nurses in both groups spoke of how clients would often make comments to the effect of, "I'm okay" (FG1 and FG2).
To ensure confidentiality and for ease of reference, focus groups have been referred to as FG1 and FG2 and as such do not identify individual focus groups participants.
One person drew the conclusion "that you've got to be passionate about something to research it" (FG1).
As a result, many of the photographs are of the RAF versions, the FG1 and FGR2.
Ballet students from different classes were separated into two focus groups (FG) according to their artistic level (FG1: 3rd to 5th levels; FG2: 6th to 8th levels), and gymnasts were also separated according to their gymnastics disciplines (FG3: artistic and rhythmic gymnastics; FG4: acrobatic gymnastics).