FGCIFederazione Giovanile Comunista Italiana
FGCIFederazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio
FGCIFor God's Children International (Council Bluffs, Iowa)
FGCIFederal Government College, Ilorin (Nigeria)
FGCIForschungs- gemeinschaft Kanalinseln & Insel Man e.V.
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The Regional Trial Court thereafter ruled in favor of FGCI.
On appeal, however, the Court of Appeals ruled that Maggie overpaid and thereby directed FGCI to return the amount that was paid in excess.
The court sheriff, to satisfy the judgment, levied on a building which was declared for taxation purposes in the name of FGCI. The lot on which the building was erected, however, is owned by spouses Imon and Emily, majority stockholders of FGCI.
the building covered by the levy was mistakenly assessed by the City Assessor in the name of FGCI, and
A COA special audit examination also revealed that TDMC and FGCI have almost the same owners and incorporators based on their interlocking officers.
Ivy Longno Gurrea, one of the incorporators of TDMC, was also a member of FGCI's board of directors at the time of the bidding.
Sally Gurrea Tampos, a sister of Felix Gurrea and an incorporator and stockholder of FGCI, is also a member of the board and stockholder of TDMC.
Another officer, Henry Longno, FGCI administrative officer, is also a member of the board of directors of TDMC.
As far as we know, Berlinguer never again referred to the peasant girl--at least in his capacity as leader of the FGCI; and nor did her name appear again in the communist press for young people.
More specifically, by playing on the highly sensitive issue of the possible moral degeneration of communist girls, the catholic movement was able to push the FGCI on the defensive--on to the point where Italian communists became adherents of traditionalist, patriarchal ideas of girls' education.
(21) As a result, in the late 1940s to early 1950s, the two strongest youth organisations in Italy were Catholic Action (which was divided into a male network, the GIAC, and the aforementioned GF) and the FGCI. In 1951, the GIAC and the GF taken together included some 1.6 million children and teenagers aged six or older, while the FGCI had about 438,000 adherents between the ages of fourteen and twenty-one.
(24) By contrast, FGCI members were overwhelmingly male.