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FGGFlagstaff (Amtrak station code bus stop; Flagstaff, AZ)
FGGFairfield Greenwich Group (alternative asset investment specialist)
FGGFederation of Gay Games
FGGFoundation for God's Glory (New York)
FGGFluor Government Group (Richland, Washington)
FGGFriendly Green Giant
FGGFibrinogen, G Gamma Polypeptide
FGGFinancial Gifts Galore
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Quite why the FGG would choose to side with the CCP over a free Taiwan is unclear.
After the offer came in, an agent for FGG and SVN told some of the owners in an email that they should proceed with caution.
Lo hemos registrado en Lagos del Dique (19-29/dic/1993, 2/ene/1994, 20,30/nov/2014: FG-G, AL; 8/feb/2015: FGG), Parque Natura (25/nov/2006: FG-G) y humedal Arco Sur (8/feb/2015: AL; 22/feb/2015: FG-G).
To this day, we remain 'good governance' monitors for the Philippines, said community leader Mitzi Pickard, one of FGG's founders and a leader in USP4GG.
[4] Human genes: APOA5, apolipoprotein A-V; PDGFRB, platelet-derived growth factor receptor beta; LDLRAP1, low density lipoprotein receptor adaptor protein 1; MMP9, matrix metallopeptidase 9; VEGFA, vascular endothelial growth factor A; ACTA2, actin, alpha 2, smooth muscle, aorta; APOC3, apolipoprotein C-III; CAV1, caveolin 1; CD40, CD40 molecule; CETP, cholesterol ester transfer protein, plasma; CIITA, class II, major histocompatibility complex, transactivator; FGG, fibrinogen gamma chain; GPX1, glutathione peroxidase 1; LPL, lipoprotein lipase; MBL2, mannose-binding lectin (protein C)2,soluble; MVK, mevalonate kinase; PITX2, paired like homeodomain 2; TNFRSF1A, tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 1A; UCP2, uncoupling protein 2 (mitochondrial, protein carrier).
According to him, FGG is at appropriate level of the bottom of gingival sulcus.
FGG and EH involved in study design, data collection, literature review and manuscript drafting.
A large GWAS including nearly 45,000 individuals reported key genetic associations in F5, ABO, and FGG loci for VTE [18].
Laboratorio de Ecologia de Vertebrados e Interacciones Parasitarias (FGG, DSA)
Afibrinogenemia occurs as a result of mutation in one of the three genes (FGA, FGB, FGG) which code the three polypeptide chains of fibrinogen on the fourth chromosome (2, 3).
The reaction setup comprised a 11-jacketed glass reactor (FGG Equipamentos Cientificos Ltda), a thermostatic bath (Haake C25P) used to control the reactor temperature, a cooling bath (Fisher Scientific, Isotemp 2028P) used to control the temperature of the condenser and prevent monomer loss, and an analog pump (Prominent, GALA1000SST) used to feed the emulsion constituents during the emulsion polymerization step.
FGg shoots far too slow to be of use in double rifles.