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FGHCFlorida Governor's Hurricane Conference
FGHCFribourg Gottéron Hockey Club (Switzerland)
FGHCFirst Gas Holding Corporation (Philippines)
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As was the case with FGHC, we were won over to the language by being shown how its deficiencies were easily compensated for by certain programming techniques and that there were significant implementation and/or semantic advantages that followed.
(4) KL1 is the supersetted FGHC that is supported by the PIM architectures.
Fuchi [10] invented an elegant coding technique when implementing SATCHMO in FGHC. Fuchi utilized FGHC variables as object variables appearing in the theories to be proved.
Parlog86 is much more expressive and easier to understand than its progenitor, the Relational Language, whereas FCP and FGHC are, respectively, less expressive than their idealized parents.