FGHIFairmont General Hospital, Inc. (West Virginia)
FGHIFidonet Global Hypertext Interchange
FGHIForum Guru Honorer Indonesia (Indonesian: Indonesia Honorary Teachers Forum)
FGHIFriends of the German Historical Institute (Washington, DC)
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So, even if you have mastered the ABCs of investing, remember that you also have to avoid the FGHIs.
When the specific tariff on M1 decreases from [P.sub.1] - [P.sub.W] to [P.sub.2] - [P.sub.W], the increase in welfare (due to the lower price and increased imports) is represented by the area FGHI. At the same time, when the specific tariff on M2 increases from [P.sub.2] - [P.sub.W] to [U.sub.2] - [P.sub.W], the decrease in welfare (due to the higher price and reduced imports) is represented by the area BCJK.
The area FGHI represents the sum the "innovator" would have earned from the excess profits on his own operations and the licensing fees collected from his rivals.
A-One*###3247 ABC###CIM-573###1175 L###GS-14###1464 IJK###NIAB-2008###1865 FGHI
Answer: As I have quoted him in past articles, Jesse Livermore (considered to be the world's greatest stock trader) once said that if there are ABCs in investing that you should follow, you should at the same time avoid the FGHIs. FGHI refers to fear, greed, hope and ignorance.
SURV Kwadzo Hohoabu (FGHIS), President of the Ghana Institution of GhIS, also emphasised on the news for the passage of the two bills, as well as the Land Bill, that when they come into being, will bring sanity to the practice of surveying and land administration in the country.
Early in the 20th century, a guy by the name of Jesse Livermore already warned that knowing the ABCs of investing was not enough and that we would need to also avoid the FGHIs or fear, greed hope and ignorance.
Knowing first the ABCs of investing will then help you avoid the FGHIs, which are fear, greed, hope and ignorance.