FGHSFort Gaines Historical Society (Fort Gaines, GA)
FGHSFort Gay High School (West Virginia)
FGHSFayetteville Ghost Hunting Society
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The codon-optimized FGH (oFGH) sequence was synthesised according to the P.
Purification and administration methods of recombinant fish growth hormone (FGH) are the main concerns of impracticable use in mass-scale aquaculture.
Further analysis by SDS-PAGE under denaturing and nondenaturing conditions showed that both FGH forms (nFGH and oFGH) were produced by P pastoris as monomers and multimers (Figure 3).
The main outcome of the high content of oFGH in the culture supernatant is enhancing the bioavailability of FGH that essentially stimulates fish appetite as well as feed conversion rate [21, 22].
In language Y, there is a conditioned allophonic alternation: H [right arrow] I/-- + A (where A is an event associated with a different morpheme, and thus it is parenthesized in [28]: it does not belong to the set of exemplars that are morphemically grouped with FGH).