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FGICFinancial Guaranty Insurance Company
FGICFinding God in Cyberspace
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After counsel validated the bond offering, Detroit and the underwriters had FGIC insure the bonds.
Not all of these companies are triple-A rated, although the four major companies--AMBAC, FGIC, FSA, and MBIA--are all triple-A rated.
Schulman's work experience prior to joining IBM, BCS includes positions as Partner and Global FMS leader at PwC Consulting, practice leader of the REL Consultancy Group in New York, and line management posts at Bankers Trust, FGIC, and Royal Insurance.
It helps control costs of insuring a deal (Ambac, MBIA, FGIC insure bond issues to give it a AAA rating, thus lowering the interest rates).
In collaboration with the group of Geoffrey Ozin, FGIC, at the University of Toronto, we first reported on the layer-by-layer self-assembly of organic-organometallic polymer superlattices containing up to 10 bilayers of negatively charged poly(styrenesulfonate) (PSS) and positively charged PFS-P [9].
(a GE Capital Services subsidiary), where he oversaw everything from FGIC's secondary markets programs to the strategic guidance of its government services companies.
To channel risers and cable throughout the buildings, management also had to negotiate with its one remaining major tenant, FGIC. The company, which occupied seven floors in one tower, had already built out its own proprietary riser system, but was cooperative in allowing work to extend through its space to the floors above.
Continental General Farmers Insurance Group of Companies FGIC Corp.
From 2003 to 2008, Blank was the chief financial officer of Financial Guaranty Insurance Company (FGIC), both before and subsequent to its sale by GE Capital to an investor group.
FGIC, which is undergoing a court-ordered rehabilitation process, did not respond to requests for comment.
Like Members United Corporate FCU, Southwest also recorded impairments due to failed monoline insurers Syncora and FGIC. The ratings of another monline insurer, Ambac Financial Group, were downgrade in July by Standard & Poor's, and that could be a sign of future losses to come for Southwest Corp.