FGJFederal Grand Jury
FGJFor Great Justice
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Here, p(FGi) represents the probability of the Ith faults and p(FGi,FGj) represents the joint probability of both faults FGi and FGj and "," represents "AND" [11].
Detectives also revealed that the BMW had the false registration plate V948 FGJ.
The car, a stolen black BMW with the false registration plate V948 FGJ, had been parked two thirds on the pavement, which had caught the attention of the two traffic officers.
Detectives were also speaking to two people who had possession of the stolen BMW car, with the false registration plate V948 FGJ, in March in Sheffield, who claim to have bought it legitimately.
First, it must provide reliable information to the Congress as a part of its Federal Grant Justification (FGJ) process.
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Disclosing fresh details of the murder, DS Gregg said the officers only checked the man because he had parked his black Series 3 BMW - fitted with false plates V948 FGJ - two thirds on the pavement.
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