FGLPFine-Grained Loss Protection
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According to a large survey, 88% of the neuroradiologists prefer performing FGLP with the patient in the prone position, while the remaining 12% preferred making the initial puncture with the patient in the lateral decubitus position (1).
Notably, smaller needles are more readily bent and deformed during FGLP. In fact, needle fracture within the interspinous ligament has been reported with a 27G Quincke needle (64).
Main Structural Properties of the Membranes Made from PTFE as Given by Manufacture and/or Measured in Literatures Properties Sartorius AG Millipore FGLP Pall TF200 Type 118 Dp, [mu]m 0.45 0.22 0.2 [[delta].sub.m][mu]m 65-100/ 80 Hong 175 (include 139 (include et al.