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FGLSFeasible Generalized Least Squares
FGLSForum for Germanic Language Studies
FGLSForce Generation Levels
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(21) Beck and Katz (1995) criticize the underlying assumptions of FGLS models and support that they provide optimistic results.
All of the models, POLS, random-effects GLS, population average FGLS, and the population average Poisson (generalized estimating equation [GEE] (10)) model, indicate that regulatory quality and size of economies of partner countries mostly have a significant positive effect on imports by India.
Dichos problemas pueden solucionarse conjuntamente con estimadores FGLS y/o PCSE (8).
In light of concerns about the small sample properties of the FGLS estimator, we obtained qualitatively similar results using the standard error adjustment of Beck and Katz (1995) embodied in xtpcse in Stata 13.
Caption: FIGURE 4: (a) Score plot and (b) loading plot of PCA model based on data of eighteen ginsenoside contents in CGLS, FGLS, and AMGLS.
The estimation was made by Feasible Generalized Least Squares (FGLS), assuming fixed effects, generated through Stata[R] software, considering only the heteroscedasticity problem detected in the operational procedures.
Table 6 presents empirical results estimated by the panel data analysis method with the feasibility generalized least square method (FGLS) for all models.
We test our hypotheses by using a feasible generalized least squares (FGLS) regression on data on the international, market-seeking expansion of 110 multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the retail industry over a 10-year period (2003-2012).
In Table 7, the results of a panel estimation using the lagged dependent variable (last election outcome) and applying a FGLS (6) regression are shown.
We estimate the model of Equations 3 and 4 as a benchmark using FGLS. These estimates, presented in Table A.2 of the Appendix, show that there are important differences depending on whether we control by state-industry specific effects or not.
All SUR regressions used to generate the load curves in Section 5.2 pass a battery of specification tests commonly used to assess the SUR system (estimated here using the FGLS approach).