FGMSPFirst Generation Magnox Storage Pond
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Now 66 years old, the FGMSP is one of a number of buildings prioritised for clean-up by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).
Constructed in the 1950s to store, cool and prepare used Magnox nuclear fuel for recycling into new fuel, the FGMSP "urgently" needs to be emptied of 1500 cubic metres of radioactive sludge lying at the bottom of the pond which is equivalent to more than half an Olympic sized swimming pool, Sellafield Limited said.
During the FGMSP's 26 year operating lifetime it processed approximately 27,000 tonnes of fuel--almost 2.5 million fuel rods.
The Sellafield, Ltd., reported that the FGMSP "is one of Sellafield's high hazard legacy facilities and arguably one of the largest decommissioning projects in the world."
At the Penrith workshop, a special session was held on Sellafields FGMSP, introduced by Sellafields Head of Programme Delivery for Legacy Ponds, Dorothy Gradden, who gave an update on progress at the facilities.
This year's team excellence award recognizes the work completed on the Burst Slug Bay which plays a vital enabling role in the retrieval of sludge from the FGMSP. The project involved the installation of a scaffold access bridge prior to operators removing moss, debris and redundant equipment in a highly radioactive environment.
The FGMSP is an ageing asset in a deteriorating condition and has handled 27,000 tonnes of nuclear fuel over its lifetime and is now being decommissioned.
Contract award: 20002387- Export Project - Manufacture, Installation and Commissioning of the FGMSP Export Facility Project.