FGOSFlamingo Gardens Orchid Society, Inc (Florida, USA)
FGOSFrom Grains of Sand (Makawao, Maui, Hawaii)
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Hence, we detected ERK activity in cumulus cells that received TSA treatment for either 30 min or 4 h, and we assayed GDF9 expression in the FGOs. As shown in Figure 3A, TSA significantly blocked the activation of ERK1/2 in the cumulus cells (p<0.05).
The cumulus-oocyte complexes (COCs) were composed of fully grown oocytes (FGOs) and their surrounding cumulus cells.
TSA treatment inhibited cumulus expansion in the OOX and FGO co-cultured groups (groups III and IV) (Figure 1-III, IV).
The first planning domain for planning competition with FGOs is the Floortile proposed in the International Planning Competition (IPC) 2011 [10].
In this example, there are many FGOs in the Floortile problem, and the robots should paint tiles obeying a correct sequence.
In the above domain, all the FGOs exist in the initial state.
Gunning examines some of the ramifications of legal "remedies" for African genital operations and concludes that criminalization of FGOs, whether on the grounds of violating human rights, womens rights, or childrens rights, can seem to characterize African women and men as morally blighted, criminally bad parents, and blinded by a cultural tradition that would best be replaced with Western values.
If one considers all female circumcision practices in Africa to be analogous, as is too commonly the case in popular American analysis of the phenomenon, not only does one miss the dramatic differences between the different forms of FGO, but one also fails to understand the relevant differences between people who practice it as a part of their cultural life and those who experience it as a part of their religious life.
The second barrier to developing joint FGOs is structural constraints which limit USAF officers from gaining broad leadership experience.
The final theme that cuts against the development of FGOs is a reliance on personal experience and intuition rather than reflection to guide decision making.
First, the Air Force should slightly alter how it utilizes FGOs. Tactical officers should rightfully be focused on executing commensurate tasks.
The need to be vulnerable and show vulnerability was also mentioned by members in every single focus group, including every squadron commander in the FGO focus group.