FGPPFine-Grained Password Policy (computing)
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Dietary FGPP supplementation lead to lower palmitic acid (C:16:0), stearic acid (C:18:0) and arachidic acid (C:20:0) levels (p<0.05) than those in CON group, which may have resulted in the decrease (p<0.05) in total SFA.
In terms of fatty acid composition of the longissimus muscle (Table 7), significant difference was only observed on the arachidic acid (C:20:0) level, which was decreased (p<0.05) by FGPP diet compared with the CON group.
In our experiment, the FGPP was supplemented at the level of 30 g/kg diet, where the total phenolic in FGPP was only 62.1 g/mg (Table 1), therefore, the levels supplemented in this study may have been too low to produce a growth expression effect.
In our study, the inclusion of FGPP decreased TBARS value of the pork, indicating the supplementation of FGPP could increase the antioxidant value of the pork.
Therefore, we hypothesized that the inclusion of FGPP could increase the PUFA and decrease the SFA concentration in meat.