FGPSFaculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
FGPSFast Geophysical Positioning Solutions (UK)
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Ironing out these differences and coming up with ways to identify Factory-less Goods Producers (FGP) has been the subject of many groups and meetings such as the Task Force on Global Production and the conference on the Factory Free Economy that was held in June 2013 in Paris
Though the FGP issue is largely one of classification, it will likely have a large impact on the measurement of productivity.
At this point it is hard to estimate the impact of the changes because only now are data being studied from various Census and BEA surveys that asked questions regarding FGP activity.
In agreement with previous reports [46], treatment of white lupin or red clover seeds with HW per se significantly improved FGPs even though the beneficial effects of these treatments were limited in comparison to F1 + HW method (Figures 1 and 2).
From the total number of seeds germinated, final germination percentage (FGP), and its angular transformation (arcsine [square root of FGP]), days to 50% of FGP and days between 10% and 90% of FGP were calculated [24].
The treatment of F1 + HW on red clover seeds significantly enhanced FGP and rate of germination while no beneficial effect was determined on span of germination compared to UT control seeds (Table 2 and Figure 1).
When comparing germination characteristics of cultivars and seed lots, it is desirable to assess both the FGP and the distribution of the timing of germination.
Such parameters may comprise FGP as an expression of the proportion of seeds with germination capacity, MGT as an inverse expression of overall germination speed or rate for the whole population, and [T.sub.25-75] as an expression of spread of germination times or germination uniformity (Bewley and Black, 1994).