FGRMFourier-Grid R-Matrix Formalism
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This component will assist the GoA in: (i) strengthening the Project Implementation Unit responsible for the day-to-day operations of the project by hiring additional human resources dedicated to the FCPF operation; ii) strengthening the institutional arrangements for REDD+ Readiness by supporting the establishment and operation of a Steering Committee (SC), functioning as high level decision-making body for REDD+, and an Advisory Committee for REDD+, composed by civil society organizations and functioning as a supporting body to the SC; iii) develop and test a Feedback, Grievance and Redress Mechanism (FGRM) for REDD+; v) support the Monitoring and Evaluation of the project s implementation.
REDD+ Implementation Framework (Component 2c): Activities will assess the relevant existing feedback and grievance redress mechanisms and arrangements (FGRMs), and either strengthen the existing FGRMs or, as necessary and appropriate, establish a new FGRM, to address any relevant feedback and grievances during the REDD+ readiness process.
The activities under this component include: (i) supporting the establishment and operationalization of the Fiji National REDD+ Unit, by providing them with human, technical and operational resources: and (ii) assessing the relevant existing FGRMs and arrangements at the national and decentralized levels, strengthening the existing FGRMs and.