FHASFire Helicopter Assistant Supervisor (US NWCG)
FHASFamily Housing Advisory Services, Inc. (Omaha, NE)
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Dh' fhalbh an ceo a bh' air m' inntinn Dh' fhas wise cho sunndach 'S ged bu Phrionnsa air an righeachd mi [...], (49) (There was no sadness or melancholy Which was moving my mind That it didn't dispel together The mist that was on my mind left I became as cheerful As if I were a Prince of the kingdom [...]) This traditional eulogy for the Australian periodical, re-purposed for a Highland publication, speaks to the international nature of the nineteenth-century Gaelic periodical press, to its importance as a stimulus for literary creativity among the Highland diaspora, to its key role in creating literary networks, and its crucial importance as a repository of Gaelic literary output which merits further study.
Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Direct Endorsement Program to underwrite and close FHA loans without prior HUD review.
There's increased use of manual underwriting, something that the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has increasingly pushed, including when Department of Housing and Urban Development-approved (HUD-approved) housing counseling is tapped by FHA borrowers.
The cost comparison is less favorable for the new subsidy program given recent changes to FHA. Based on FHAs new upfront insurance premium of 175 basis points and its higher annual fee of 125 basis points, in their 2012 paper, Caplin and colleagues calculate that FHA will roughly break even if cumulative default rates fall much below 14 percent.
IAE on Wednesday announced that it has signed a Fleet Hour Agreement (FHA) with United Airlines which is effective from 1 January 2012.
A DRUGS transporter said to have been used by dealers higher up the supply chain fhas been jailed.
"We sold four homes in January and three of the four were FHAs. It also saved an existing deal.
But a stand-of fhas developed between Phillips - who turns 35 in July - and the club, with the player unhappy at being offered only a 12-month contract.
"Putin fhas pretty much destroyed the free media of Russia," Murphy, who spent three years covering Russia before being reassigned to London in July, said in an interview.
Princess Nada fhas been switched to the care of Luca Cumani over the winter.
His departure in Istanbul had the snipers out again, but Kewell's resurgence fhas them running for cover.