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FHERFoundation for Homeopathic Education and Research (Berkeley, CA)
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Fher notes that Latin America has been churning out very few new rock acts of late--though he cites Mexico City's Zeo as a favorite counterexample.
Yes, it's illegal to enter a country, but as Fher says, brothers and sisters, humanitarian crisis, we have to help them."
Today, Mana consists of Sergio Vallin, Fher Olvera, Alex Gonzalez and Juan Diego and has become a global phenomenon.
Mana will be honored as Person of the Year 2018 by the Latin Recording Academy, and Fher Olvera, lead vocalist of the influential Mexican rock band, can't help but recall its beginnings "in a little truck," as they say, chopping wood and carrying water.
AeroJ oker haswon nineo fher lastten over Romford's 575mtrip
would give Fher an income of P1,000 for only three hours.
She struggledtherelasttime,she justdidn'tstepup,butshehad moreexcuses.Because o fher sizeifshegetsanybumpshe getsturnedsideways.Ithinka straightcourseonturfiswhat shewantsbutshemight strugglethisyeargivenher size.