FHFCForward Horizontal F Code
FHFCFlorida Housing Finance Corporation
FHFCFlorida Housing Finance Corp.
FHFCFranciscan Hospital for Children (Boston, MA)
FHFCFirst Half Final Certificate (mining patents)
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Additionally, Fitch affirms the following FHFC bonds supported by the GF:
Fitch factors into its rating the FHFC board-directed risk-to-capital level of 5:1, which leaves the potential for the risk-to-capital to increase to a higher level.
eliminate the FHFC, replacing it with a Mineral Entry Final Certificate.
The FHFC is hosting a series of dialogues with small nonprofit developers about how to simplify the LIHTC application process and make it more accessible.
No FHFC was issued, and the application was not forwarded to Washington, D.C.
In addition, the managers agree that those applications for the FHFC currently pending in the Office of the Solicitor in Washington, D.C., or elsewhere in the Dept.
Vanderbilt had completed its application for the patent and only the question of timely payment of the price for the land prevented Vanderbilt from receiving its FHFC. The 30-day extension to remit the money should have been given credence by the court.
FHFC also has the ability to add new whole loans to the portfolio, though has not done so since 2002.
It was initially capitalized with proceeds from an FHFC bond sale in 1993, and then later funded with a direct loan by Citibank.
FHFC dug deep to secure a 5-4 win in the Tuesday Prem against King Harry and there were also wins for Swifty's and Blackbeards delight in the Tuesday league.
The purpose of FHFC is to assure an adequate source of capital for housing for low and moderate income persons living in the State of Florida.
In the Tuesday league FHFC look the team to beat after smashing Memunchies 20-3 to move clear at the top of the league but The King Harry matched them with a 20-8 win to keep goal difference close.